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Welcome to “Do Your Epic” – we’re dedicated to helping runners push their boundaries and achieve their ultra running goals. Recognizing that what each ultra runner considers “epic” is unique.

Ultramarathons are journeys of self-discovery, and the path to achieving you goals is as important as the destination. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, we will help you discover what kind of epic experiences you’re capable of creating for yourself.


A well structured training plan creates a gradual progression that builds the physical endurance and mental toughness you’ll need to create a smooth transition to longer, epic, race distances.


Our comprehensive race resources empower you to choose events that align with your skill level, and prepare you for the challenges of competition.


Explore unbiased reviews and discover the gear essentials that align with your goals, enabling you to tackle ultramarathon distances with confidence and comfort.


Properly fueling your training and racing can be the difference between a race finish and a DNF. Learn about different strategies and how to test them to determine what works best for you.


Learn the skills you’ll need to feel at ease navigating courses, moving over technical terrain, running efficiently up or down hills. Nothing is difficult, it may just be new to you.


Having a team behind you is a key to success. Learn how to gather and train a supporting cast for the training and racing phases of your journey into ultra distances.

Are you ready for your epic adventure to begin?

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